How to make a wedding playlist your guests will thank you for

June 16, 2021

Wedding couple dancing to a playlist from a wedding DJ for Kate Elizabeth Events

Most people don’t consider the background music at a wedding to be that important or special. Yet, your wedding playlist can have an effect on your guests in good and bad ways. We’re here to help you make sure your guests enjoy your wedding playlist just as much as you do.

Obviously it’s ok to let your DJ do the job you hired them for, but sometimes you want cultivated songs for unique experiences at your wedding.

Here are a few questions to first consider.

What is the average age of your wedding guest? This can help you determine what generation of music your guests will enjoy the most. 

Are you planning to dance at your wedding? You’ll want to have music that promotes dancing when the time comes instead of only slow romantic songs your whole wedding.

Hiring a DJ for your wedding

For most weddings, hiring a DJ is the way to go. Not only are wedding DJs trained MCs and music mixers, but an experienced DJ can help you pick unique songs for your wedding playlist. As well, they can find music that makes everyone comfortable.

DJ Erick Miner, named the best local DJ of Utah Valley, has DJed over 100 weddings. One thing he’s shared from his experience as a Master of Ceremonies is how important preparedness is. 

So when you book a DJ, do your research. See how many weddings they’ve done and what style they’re comfortable with. Then be sure to meet with them at least once before your wedding day to go over details of your wedding playlist and how the day will go. Share with them what kind of music you like and what kind of guests will be there.

Here are some of our favorite DJs in Utah

Making your wedding playlist

MCing and keeping the details in mind is a DJ’s specialty. Things like song danceability, reading the room, and moving your wedding along are good responsibilities for those other than your wedding party. 

“Those are the details you keep in mind because at a Wedding coupled with music she will time travel back to her wedding day,” Erick says.

So when you begin creating your wedding playlist with your DJ make sure they have those details covered. It’s also important to ask yourself these questions:

What songs are meaningful to you? 

Do you and your fiance have “a song” together? 

Is there a certain genre of music you enjoy listening to together?

You’ll want to incorporate these kinds of songs into your wedding day. It is all about you and your fiance after all. But then you have to think about what background songs you’ll want playing during important parts of your wedding. From cake cutting to your wedding recessional, music plays a role in getting things rolling. This is especially important to keep in mind if you’re going to play your own music.

Once you’ve established songs that are meaningful to you and your fiance, and background music, it’s helpful to start adding in those classic songs that perform well at weddings. This is definitely a knowledge base your DJ can help you with. 

“There’s no greater feeling than when you play a song your guests didn’t know they wanted to hear,” Erick says.

Once you have the basics established, you can do some research on trending songs that are good to dance to. Adding in newer songs with nostalgic songs and some of the classics will create the perfect blend of sounds for your wedding playlist.

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