15 Top-Ranked Wedding Catering Services for Desserts in Utah

June 26, 2024

One of the most frequent questions clients ask me is where to find the best wedding catering services for treats, pastries, and desserts in Salt Lake City, Park City, and the surrounding regions. To answer this common question, I’ve crafted this blog to highlight top-notch catering providers that offer both beautiful and delectable desserts across Utah. From cozy restaurants to grab-and-go spots and specialized catering services, here are my recommendations for exceptional wedding dessert catering. Enjoy!

Top 15 Best Wedding Catering Services

As a wedding planner, I’ve had the opportunity to try and taste nearly everything Utah has to offer. My recommendations in this section are the result of extensive first-hand experience, ensuring that each suggestion is of the highest caliber. Whether it’s cakes, cookies, or pastries, I’ve curated this guide with only the best options.

Two florally decorated white wedding cakes designed by Cake by Alessandra.

Image by Cake by Alessandra via Facebook

Cake by Alessandra

Cupcakes and cake
Salt Lake City and Park City Areas | $$$
(801) 901.6485

Renowned throughout Utah as a top cake designer, Cake by Alessandra (Ale) specializes in a variety of cake styles and techniques. From simple designs to show-stopping masterpieces, her work has been featured in People Magazine, on Wedding Wire, and ranked among the top international wedding professionals by WIPA. In addition to her esteemed titles and beautiful cakes, her creations are also incredibly flavorful, offering classic options like chocolate and vanilla as well as deluxe flavors such as pear, hazelnut, and champagne.

a raspberry cake and tarts from Gourmandise's wedding catering services in Utah.

Image by Gourmandise via Facebook


French desserts and pastries
250 S 300 E, Salt Lake City, UT | $$
(801) 328.3330

One of the most popular French bakeries in Utah, Gourmandise, features French-inspired baked goods and scratch-made desserts and pastries. This sweet stop also has two additional locations in Draper and American Fork. Each time I visit, I do my best to try their limited-time season specialties and have yet to be disappointed. 

Two slices of pie with lots of whip cream on top from the Dodo in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Image by The Dodo via Facebook

The Dodo

American-style bistro desserts
1355 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City, UT | $$
(801) 486.2473

The Dodo is home to some of my favorite desserts in Utah and offers a fun and eclectic menu. Every day, their pastry chef crafts 12 featured desserts, with six favorites consistently on the menu: Pie, Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Pie, Caramel Coconut Coffee Cake, and Chocolate Almond Mousse Pie. If you are interested in a catering order, give them a call to hear about their off-menu offerings.

chocolate cake and raspberry croissant from Hill's Kitchen's wedding catering service in Park City.

Image by Hill’s Kitchen via Facebook

Hill’s Kitchen

Pastries, cookies, and cake
1153 Center Dr Suite G160, Park City, UT | $$
(435) 800.2870

Opened by the award-winning owners of Hearth and Hill restaurant, Hill’s Kitchen is a scratch-catering kitchen and cafe that sources local ingredients to create their delectable offerings. From freshly baked pastries to cookies you are bound to find a desert here that everyone will love. Personally, I love their pain au chocolat and lemon bars. Looking for something extra special? Consider ordering one of their decadent custom cakes!

multiple flavors of cupcakes and a coconut wedding cake from the Sweet Tooth Fairy's wedding catering services in Utah.

Image by The Sweet Tooth Fairy via Facebook

The Sweet Tooth Fairy

Gourmet cupcakes, cake, dessert bars, and cookies
1334 Foothill Dr. Salt Lake City, UT | $$
(801) 783.9879

The Sweet Tooth Fairy lives up to its name, offering a variety of treats that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Indulge in their award-winning cupcakes, or try their dessert bars, cookies, and addictive cake bites. One great feature of this bake shop is its selection of gluten-free options. You can also order through their other locations in Layton and Orem.

A slice of strawberry cake and a slice of chocolate cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

Image by Nothing Bundt Cakes via Facebook

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Bundt cakes
1354 Foothill Dr Suite B, Salt Lake City, UT | $$
(385) 433.6505

You’ve likely heard of the Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery chain and its popular bundt cakes, “bundtlets,” and bite-sized “bundtinis” topped with their famous cream cheese frosting. With multiple locations throughout Utah, it’s a convenient place to pick up orders for events, and they also offer a great selection of party-themed cakes.

A layout of an assortment of cookies from the the Cutler Cookie Co.

Image by Cutler Cookie Co. via Facebook

Cutler Cookie Co.

120 W 500 S, Bountiful, UT | $
(801) 298.2253

If you aren’t local to the North Salt Lake City area, let me have the honor of introducing you to Cutler Cookie Co. Since 1980 Sandra Cutler has been selling homemade cookies from her three family-owned establishments located in Bountiful, Centerville, and Layton. When placing your catering or pick-up your order, don’t forget to try their most popular glazed sugar cookie or my favorite brownie marshmallow cookie. 

A naked chocolate wedding cake with flowers and a charcuterie spread from Sweets & Cheese catering in Utah.

Image by Sweets & Cheese via Facebook

Sweets & Cheese

Baked goods, cakes, charcuterie
1500 Snow Creek Dr, Park City, UT | $$$
(435) 565.4656

Sweets & Cheese is precisely what its name suggests: a delightful combination of sweets and cheeses! Available exclusively through special order, you can pre-order some of the most stunning charcuterie boards, cakes, and baked goods you’ve ever laid eyes on. Each order can be fully personalized, promising to be the showstopper at your party, gathering, or wedding celebration. Be sure to visit the Sweets & Cheese Instagram page – you’ll find yourself happily scrolling their page for hours!

Two Belgian waffles from Bruges Belgian Bistro catering in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Image by Bruges Belgian Bistro via Facebook

Bruges Belgian Bistro

Waffles and Belgian fries
336 W 300 S, Salt Lake City, UT | $
(801) 363.4444

Bruges Belgian Bistro doesn’t just serve up some of the greatest Belgian foods in Salt Lake City but comes with an incredible start-up story. Pierre Vandamme, from Brugge, Belgium, moved to Salt Lake City in 2004 and adapted a family recipe for Liège waffles, selling them from a vending cart on Main Street. His success at the Downtown Farmers Market led to adding Belgian-style fries and dipping sauces. This popularity allowed Pierre to open a year-round spot on Broadway. In 2010, his brother-in-law Frederic joined the business, and they opened a second restaurant in Sugar House in 2012. By 2014, Bruges Waffles and Frites launched a vintage-style Waffle Bus and later the Brugesmobile. Today, the family operates two stores and two food trucks, for sharing their authentic Belgian treats! For catering, you have the choice of ordering buffet style at your venue or renting their Waffle Bus or Brugesmobile!

A lemon and chocolate cookie from Süss Cookie Co. in Midway, Utah.

Image by Süss Cookie Co. via Facebook

Süss Cookie Co.

275 S Center Street, Midway, UT | $
(435) 315.3068

In this exploration of Utah’s top wedding catering services for desserts, many cookie shops could be discussed. Süss Cookie Co, however, has secured its place among my notable mentions. With just two small locations, you are guaranteed high-quality cookies with both classic and unique flavor profiles. My favorites are their Coconut Joy and Lemon cookies but you’ll have to try them yourself.

A selection of 4 types of donuts from Banbury Cross Donuts in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Image by Banbury Cross Donuts via Facebook

Banbury Cross Donuts

705 S 700 E, Salt Lake City, UT | $
(801) 537-1433

Banbury Cross Donuts is a beloved, longstanding donut shop and is a cherished favorite among Utah residents, consistently earning rave reviews. Offering a variety of treats from donuts to fritters and muffins, this classic establishment opens at 5 am and closes at 5 pm, or whenever they sell out for the day— which they often do! If you’re planning for a special occasion such as a wedding, be sure to place your order in advance to secure some of their renowned donuts.

handcrafted toffee in a tea cut and on a small plate from Cache Toffee in Murray, Utah.

Image by Cache Toffee via Facebook

Cache Toffee

Toffee and Chocolate
473 Century Dr. W, Murray, UT | $
(863) 333.5453

Known for its artisanal treats, Cache Toffee specializes in handcrafted toffee and chocolate, using only fresh butter and cocoa. Their small-batch toffee melts in your mouth, combining buttery richness with a delightful crunch. It’s an excellent option for gifting your wedding guests or expressing gratitude to those who helped bring your wedding vision to life.

Raspberry and Biscoff waffles from Waffle Love's wedding catering services in Salt Lake City.

Image by Waffle Love via Facebook

Waffle Love

1142 Fort Union Blvd, Midvale, UT | $
(801) 566.2559

Have you ever had those delicious Belgian-style waffles with chunks of sweet sugary bites? If not, that’s exactly what awaits you at Waffle Love. Their crafted-from-scratch Liege waffles are pure perfection. The best part is, they offer nearly every waffle topping you can imagine and even have a food truck you can rent for your wedding celebration!

A selection of 5 different flavors of gourmet cookies from Ruby Snap in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Image by Ruby Snap via Facebook

Ruby Snap

770 S 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT | $
(801) 834.6111

Cookie shops seem to be everywhere these days, but long before the influx of chain and franchise spots in Salt Lake City, there was Ruby Snap. This charming, retro-chic cookie company has stood the test of time for good reason. Their gourmet flavored cookies will have your mouth watering just thinking about them. From classic chocolate chip to special monthly flavors like raspberry cream or rocky road pecan, you’ll find it hard to decide where to start! To place a catering order, give them a call.

Chocolate dipped salted caramels and chocolate dipped bananas with nuts from Hatch Family Chocolates in Utah.

Image by Hatch Family Chocolate via Facebook

Hatch Family Chocolates

Handcrafted chocolates, ice cream, hot chocolate
376 8th Ave A, Salt Lake City, UT | $
(801) 532.4912

Hatch Family Chocolates is a locally owned chocolate shop that has been delighting taste buds for over 100 years! You might know them as the Little Chocolatiers from the hit TLC show. Their incredibly decadent chocolates and famous hot chocolate are absolute must-tries. Whether you order online or place a custom chocolate order, you’ll be delighted by the quality of their hand-dipped chocolates, homemade brownies, cookies, caramel apples, and ice cream. 

Time to Taste the Best Dessert in Salt Lake City!

In Salt Lake City, Park City, and the surrounding areas, you’ll discover an abundance of top-notch wedding catering services for desserts, ideal for your special celebration. This guide highlights bakeries, upscale chocolate shops, and inventive food trucks—each selected based on my firsthand experiences—to ensure you experience Utah’s finest dessert offerings. Happy indulging!

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