Venue Highlight: Walker Farms Wedding and Events

May 20, 2021

When it comes to wedding spaces we love everything elegant and timeless. It’s clear that the more natural beauty a wedding venue has, the easier it is to work with, but it also establishes a peaceful place every wedding couple can be confident in. 

For us, Walker Farms has become one of those places.

From the bridal suite to the architecture outside, you can tell this venue in Lindon, Utah was well thought out.

Built in 2019, some of our favorite features of the wedding venue are the split — or bifurcated staircase — the beautiful stone fireplace, and the stunning chandelier in the center of the space.

A white Yamaha grand piano settles on the left side of the staircase adding a touch of elegance and an opportunity for cultivated memories.

Lighting in the venue is nothing short of outstanding. With large windows and an open-door concept, light seeps gracefully onto the wooden floors, creating a dreamy ambiance for any wedding couple’s special day. 

Stain glass — that would remind anyone of a fairy tail — adorns one side of the bridal suite while a bright pink couch and chairs display a functional and fun addition to the bride’s space. A vanity for the bride’s trousseau and a large trifold mirror also make the suite unique and comfortable.

Though a smaller venue, Walker Farms has tall ceilings to guide wedding guests’ eyes up, and around its outstanding space.

View the gallery belong to see our time at Walker Farms.

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