Why Utah is the best place to get married

June 3, 2021

Utah’s scenery makes the perfect wedding backdrop

Utah is home to five incredibly beautiful national parks which not only make an incredible backdrop for wedding photos, but they make for an explorative honeymoon after the wedding. With Zions, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands, there are  plenty of options for hikes and weddings. Especially if you have National Park Annual Passes.

Because Utah’s scenery has so much to offer, that also means there’s room for weddings of any size. Your guest list can be as tall and wide as the Landscape Arch in Arches National Park, or as short and low as the Salt Flats.

Utah has beautiful weddings year-round

Since Utah is a desert, it only rains about 12.2 inches throughout the year. This is significantly lower than many other states, including Hawaii at 63.7 inches per year. Though it varies throughout Utah and the state’s mountains, you generally don’t have to worry about bad weather in warmer parts of the year.

When the weather does get “bad” in colder parts of the year, you can rest assured that Utah has things covered. We’re used to the snow and actually plow when it comes.

Even with snow, Utah houses plenty of venues and great scenery for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Ski resorts are just one option among many parks, forests, and canyons— we do have the best snow in the county you know.

According to The Knot, one of Utah’s many amazing characteristics is the state’s venue options. “Resorts, private gardens, historic homes and banquet halls are some popular places for Utah couples to marry.”

From renovated barns to historic buildings in downtown Salt Lake City, we’ve got you covered.

Utah is a family-centered state

Since Utah’s beginning in 1896, the state has been centered on family. Not only is it fairly inexpensive for families to travel to Utah, but it’s a safe space to stay. According to Safewise, Utah has a violent crime rate that is 35% lower than the nation’s average.

Beyond travel and stay, there are plenty of activities for families all over the state! National parks and forests are always an option to explore, but Utah has plenty more to offer. Places like the Loveland Aquarium, the Clark Planetarium and many others from the Family Destination Guide are perfect for any family visit.

It’s safe to say that Utah has even more opportunities for weddings and travel. Tell us why you think Utah is a great place to get married in the comments below

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