Will you be my groomsman? 6 Creative ways to ask

April 21, 2021

Most men will say they are pretty simple, so asking their best friends to be groomsmen shouldn’t be much different. Yet, a groom typically only asks his friends to be his groomsmen once, so it’s still a special occasion.

Dainty flowers and tea parties aren’t exactly ideal ways to invite everyone to join you and your fiance’s bridal party, but if you’re a groom looking for something a little more personal than a text, here are a few ideas from our team at Kate Elizabeth Events.

1. Give your groomsmen something personal

We have to admit, gifts have always been a love language of ours, and when you’re asking a favor of your friends like “will you be a groomsman in my bridal party,” personal is the way to go. Here are some options for your groomsmen.

  • Personalized cologne from Hawthorne
  • An engraved pocket knife
  • A wallet with their initials on it
  • Their favorite drink with a personal decanter set
  • A leather toiletry bag with their initials
  • Personalized Yeti water bottle, canteen or flask

We also love the engraved axes featured on Home WetBar and the personalized footballs shared on Groovy Groomsmen Gifts.

2. Send a card or video to invite your groomsmen

Do you have a groomsman who doesn’t live close by? Send them an invitation the old fashion way with a personal letter or card. To make it even more personal, print off a picture of the two of you to include with the invite.

For a more creative approach, follow the lead of these creative grooms who created a video to invite their friends to join their bridal party. 

3. Have a guys’ night with your future groomsmen

You probably already have a sport or activity that you already enjoy with your friends, but in case you want to try something new or unique, here are our top picks.

  • Ax Throwing
  • Grill off — have each groomsman bring their favorite thing to grill
  • A weekend trip — according to Men’s Health, Southern Utah is one of the top places to travel for an all guys’ trip
  • Test drive a nice car for the day through Turo or another car rental company
  • Get tickets to a sporting event — while COVID-19 might have shut down part of baseball season, an alternative would be to play your own game or watch some of your favorites from the past
  • Try out a local escape room — start the bridal party bonding off strong with some groomsmen team building

Whatever kind of guys’ night you decide on, plan to ask each groomsman to join your bridal party at the end of your time together.

4. Take your future groomsmen suit shopping with you

We know we know, shopping sounds like the last thing a group of guys would enjoy, but with the right suit shop, it becomes more of an experience than a chore. A couple of our favorites are Ferreira Euro Custom Tailor and The Black Tux.

The custom-tailored suits from Ferreira Euro Custom Tailor in Salt Lake City are beyond stylish and personalized. They are perfect for any groom during any season.

The Black Tux is an online suit shopping option. You and your future groomsmen can try on suits within the comfort of your own home or schedule an appointment in one of their 300 showrooms. Currently, The Black Tux has Utah showrooms in Salt Lake City, Murray, Layton and Orem.

5. Give your groomsmen something to wear on your wedding day

Everyone loves one less thing to think about. Be the best groom by giving your future groomsmen exactly what they need to look good with the rest of your bridal party. We’ve compiled a list of a few things to consider gifting your groomsmen.

  • Socks
  • A tie
  • Cufflinks 
  • A handkerchief
  • A watch

Make sure to consult your fiance before getting anything to match your partner’s taste. Something else to consider is adding a personalized touch to any of these gifts by engraving a groomsman’s name or initials on your gift to them.

6. Take your future groomsmen out for food

A nice dinner at your groomsmens’ favorite steak house is a simple way to invite your friends to be groomsmen. Even a short lunch at your favorite golf club is a few steps up from a phone call. 
According to Mens XP, food is a personal experience, it “creates memories” and “forges friendships.” So what better way to start your groomsmen off than with a nice meal.

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